1. This is so true…us females are always labeled with this title, but I know a lot of men that are straight hoes that mess up on good, faithful women! #men #dudes #guys #males #realtalk #hoes #male #picoftheday #photooftheday #bums #bummy #hoestatus #dicks #jerks #mean #stupid #jackholes #wankers

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    the ring finger is a symbol of love and marriage. it is usually kept empty until a ring is placed there by a partner to show a bond and everlasting love. this is why I chose this finger to place the word “mine” 5 months ago today. to show this bond and everlasting love I share with myself. I am my own lover first. my own partner first. I am my own first. I am mine. and I am in love.

    Remember this, ladies. Never settle. You will always have yourself to fall back on.

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  4. Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas

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  5. Habitual Liar

    You fucked me over yet again for the 100th time! Karma is a bitch…

  7. Exactly lol…

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    fat people are hot pass it on

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  9. TLC- Damn Unpretty

    My ex-boyfriend made me feel so unattractive…he would make comments about my face, point out I had black heads on my face, make negative comments about my physical appearance, and I allowed this rude behavior! He cheated on me throughout our relationship, which chipped away at my esteem, total and complete bullshit! He was a horrible person… While I write this it reminds me of that song by TLC! I can’t believe I fell for that bullshit, his loss not mine!


  10. "Not everyone you lose is a loss."